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"Couldn’t recommend them enough!! Helen went through everything in detail with me and helped me feel comfortable and relaxed and if I wasn’t 100% happy with a take she had no problem re-recording it again. So if you're looking to get vocal reels done with amazing quality at an affordable price, check them out."

Sophie Tubman, 2023

"They made everyone feel super comfortable and that makes for the best environment when recording. I was particularly impressed with their work outside of the studio, as their editing of the sample tracks was so quick and efficient. This meant people felt open and free to ask for changes as they knew they would be dealt with in a really professional way."

Molly Farmer, 2023

"Had a vocal reel recorded with these guys and it was amazing! I felt so comfortable and we had a laugh whilst recording and the resulting reel was incredible! Highly recommend!"

Joe Appleby, 2023