SFR is proud to partner with the following Academies

The Brighton Academy

ROM Theatre Arts


SFR's Academy Affiliate Program

SFR is all about making it affordable. We understand the financial challenges students face so provide an Affiliate program for Academies that enables all their students to benefit from on campus recordings and an extended 25% discount.

How does it work?
To be part of the Affiliate program, all the Academy has to do is put the SFR logo and link on their website and allow us to undertake a workshop with the students. The workshop consists of an introduction to studio recording along with some of the techniques and terms used. This gives the student confidence from the outset and maximises the time allowance at their showreel recording session.

As always, all arrangements and payments are made directly between SFR and the student, apart from the workshop.

Once complete, SFR will then provide the Academy with the option of evening/weekend on campus Vocal Reel Packages for their 3rd Year students, making it easy for students to complete the vocal showreel process in a timely and professional manner.

For more information on our Affiliate program, please contact us via our 'Contact Us' page for further details